WestVac Biopharma Appeared at the 22nd China Biological Products Annual Conference
On April 12, 2023, the 22nd China Biological Products Annual Conference (CBioPC) was grandly opened in Zhuhai. More than 8,000 people attended the conference, including those from government departments, regulatory agencies and industry associations, experts and scholars from biopharmaceutical fields and research institutes at home and abroad, and representatives of enterprises.

Focus on biological medicine industry to promote its development and growth 

A variety of academic exchanges, industrial exchanges and industry exchanges were carried out in the conference aiming to showcase the frontier progress and innovative achievements of biomedicine and publicize the policies of biomedicine in China, and further guide the technology, talents, capital and other resources to gather in the biomedicine field. Additionally, the finance and industry, scientific research and application, government and enterprises were fully communicated in the conference to drive the coordinated development of biomedical industry. The biomedical industry will achieve greater development with a focus on the development condition and future trend of biomedical field. 

The keynote report of the conference was presided over by Junzhi WANG, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and Yuntao ZHANG, Researcher of China National Biotec Group Company Limited. Zixin DENG, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Yuquan WEI, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Fusheng WANG, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Liang LIU, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Nanshan ZHONG, Winner of the Medal of the Republic and Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering delivered keynote reports on the disruptive innovation of leveraging big health technology with synthetic biology, the progress of new technologies in the research and development of COVID-19 vaccine, the advances in cell therapy of major infectious diseases, the thinking and exploration of improving China's biosafety technology support capability under the COVID-19, and the twenty years of fighting against coronavirus from SARS to COVID-19, respectively.

At the conference, Yuquan WEI, Director of State Key Laboratory of Biotherapy, West China Hospital, Sichuan University and Chairman of WestVac Biopharma, gave a keynote speech on the "Progress of New Technologies in the Research and Development of COVID-19 Vaccine".

Academician Yuquan WEI made a detailed analysis of the current situation of COVID-19 in China, and pointed out that as the virus continues to evolve, COVID-19 vaccine may need to be updated annually. Therefore, focus should be put on structural biology guiding vaccine design, development of novel adjuvants, and breakthrough technologies for mRNA vaccines in future research and development work.

Academician Yuquan WEI also introduced the unique insect cell platform. On this platform, for the latest variant Omicron, Academician Yuquan WEI and WestVac Biopharma team adopted an innovative recombinant COVID-19 vaccine technology route, using the "baculovirus-insect cell" system to prepare the COVID-19 S-RBD protein, which has high safety, large capacity for cloning exogenous genes and easy screening of recombinant virus. With a complete post-translational processing modification system and the ability to express exogenous genes efficiently, a series of COVID-19 vaccines against Omicron variants has been developed and made significant progress. In addition, Academician Yuquan WEI also gave an in-depth analysis and introduction on the latest progress and application of current vaccine research and development. All participants benefited a lot from the presentation and applauded constantly during the presentation.

Recombinant COVID-19 Vaccine (Sf9 cell) - Coviccine™ Unveiled at the 22nd China Biological Products Annual Conference

At the conference, the Recombinant COVID-19 Vaccine (Sf9 cell) - Coviccine® jointly developed by WestVac Biopharma Co., Ltd. and Sichuan University, made an amazing debut.

The Recombinant COVID-19 Vaccine (Sf9 cell) - Coviccine® proven to have satisfactory safety and immunogenicity in clinical trials is a recombinant COVID-19 vaccine high effectively in preventing disease caused by infection with multiple subvariants such as Omicron. Since the approval for emergency use by the national authority in December 2022, Coviccine® has been on the vaccine procurement list in the bidding process in over 20 provinces, offering a better vaccine choice for the residents, and contributing WestVac Biopharma’s efforts to fight against COVID-19.

About WestVac Biopharma

WestVac Biopharma Co., Ltd. is an innovative biopharmaceutical company integrating vaccine R&D, production and sales, and has been successfully selected into the list of unicorn companies for two consecutive years from 2021 to 2022. The company has a mature insect cell expression platform, bacterial vaccine platform, novel adjuvant platform, tumor vaccine and immunotherapy platform, with more than 20 pipelines including COVID-19 vaccine, multivalent influenza vaccine, herpes virus vaccine, tumor immunity preparations. WestVac has established a well-equipped production and quality management system. It has built a production base with an annual production capacity of 600 million doses of vaccine in Chengdu Tianfu International Bio-town, completed the construction and verification of the GMP production workshop, and obtained the “Drug Manufacturing License”. In addition, the Guangzhou production base of an annual capacity of up to 500 million doses is also under construction.