About Us

WestVac BioPharma Co., Ltd. is an innovative biopharmaceutical enterprise integrating vaccine R&D, production and sales, including WestVac Biopharma located in Chengdu and WestVac Biopharma (Guangzhou), a wholly-owned subsidiary company of WestVac Biopharma. With the continuous investment and support of many powerful shareholders -- CICC Capital, Shanghai Pharma, Haier Biomedical and so on, WestVac BioPharma has been successfully selected into the list of unicorn companies for three consecutive years from 2021 to 2023.

In terms of production, quality, operations management, etc., WestVac Biopharma has introduced top talents from well-known domestic and international vaccine companies, established a complete production and quality management system, has more than 500 employees to ensure mass production of vaccines can proceed smoothly.

WestVac Biopharma has a mature insect cell expression platform, mRNA vaccine platform, novel adjuvant platform, bacterial vaccine platform, tumor vaccine and immunotherapy platform, with more than 20 pipelines including COVID-19 vaccine, multivalent influenza vaccine, respiratory syncytial virus vaccine, herpes virus vaccine, tumor immunity preparations.

Phase III clinical trials of the first generation Recombinant COVID-19 Vaccine (Sf9 cells)-Coviccine, have been rolled out globally in multiple countries, with nearly 40,000 subjects enrolled and vaccinated. The clinical trials in Japan for marketing purpose have been concluded, which is the first Chinese COVID-19 vaccine that entered clinical trials in a developed country. Study results show that the vaccine has good safety and immunogenicity, fully demonstrating the advantages and characteristics of the recombinant protein vaccine technology route. On December, 2022, Coviccine® was approved for emergency use (EUA) by relevant authorities in China. It has been delivered to more than 20 provinces of China for vaccination. WestVac Biopharma constantly aiming at evolvement of SARS-CoV-2, Recombinant Variant COVID-19 Vaccine (Sf9 Cell) against Omicron variants has been developed, Phase I/II clinic trials of this vaccine has been approved in China and Mexico. Study results show that it can induce a variety of animals to produce very high titer of neutralizing antibodies against Omicron, Delta variants. 

The XBB.1.5 variant had gradually become the major circulating variant in various parts of the world by the beginning of 2023. the scientific team of WestVac Biopharma/West China Medical Center, Sichuan University overcame all hurdles and successfully developed Recombinant Bivalent COVID-19 (XBB + Prototype Strain) Protein Vaccine (Sf9 cell) Coviccine ® Bivalent and Recombinant Trivalent COVID-19 (XBB + BA.5 + Delta variant) Trimeric Protein Vaccine (Sf9 cell). 

On June 8th, 2023, Coviccine® Trivalent XBB.1.5-Recombinant COVID-19 Trivalent(XBB.1.5+BA.5+Delta)Protein Vaccine (Sf9 cell) developed by WestVac Biopharma/ West China Medical Center, Sichuan University was approved for EUA by relevant authorities in China. This is the first COVID-19 vaccine in the world approved for EUA against XBB descendent lineages of SARS-CoV-2. It demonstrates that China is leading the world in the development of COVID-19 vaccines.  

WestVac Biopharma leverages the rapid response of the insect cell expression platform on constructing the vector for Coviccine® Trivalent XBB.1.5-Recombinant COVID-19 Trivalent (XBB.1.5+BA.5+Delta) Protein Vaccine (Sf9 Cell), which is of high purity and high quality for human use. The subunit vaccine antigen is precisely designed based on the structure of the targeting S-RBD and HR proteins of the COVID-19 subvariants XBB.1.5 and BA.5 and self-assembled into stable trimeric protein particles with squalene-based oil-in-water emulsion adjuvant added after purification and mixing. This novel adjuvant significantly raises the titer of neutralizing antibodies, which enables the trimeric protein vaccine to induce a higher level T-cell immune response. Studies have shown that Coviccine® Trivalent XBB.1.5 induced a high titer of neutralizing antibodies against multiple subvariants, including Omicron subvariants XBB.1.5, XBB1.16, XBB1.9.1, XBB.2.3, BA.5, BF.7, BQ.1, BA.2.75, 14 days after injection of this product, the protective efficacy against XBB.1, XBB.1.5, XBB1.9 is 93.28% with an excellent safety profile, demonstrating that it is a broad-spectrum COVID-19 vaccine against multiple prevalent subvariants locally and internationally.

WestVac Biopharma Co., Ltd. is located in in Chengdu Tianfu International Biological City, has completed construction of 5,000-litre and 3,000-litre insect cell recombinant protein vaccine production lines with an annual production capacity of 100 million doses. The GMP production lines were well established with the “Drug Production License" in place. WestVac Biopharma (Guangzhou) is located in Guangzhou Economic Development Zone, has completed scale-up construction of insect cell recombinant protein vaccine production lines with an annual production capacity of 100 million doses.

WestVac Biopharma has established a sound communication mechanism with many international organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO), Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, PATH, The Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI). In the future, WestVac Biopharma will grow into a world leading vaccine and immunotherapy platform in line with the corporate philosophy of "We Initiate Science & Technology Value, Always for Caring", seek innovation in the prevention and overcome of human diseases, bring innovative vaccines and immunotherapies from China to the world for the benefit of mankind.