Yusuf Timol, Minister Counsellor (Economy) of the South African Embassy BEIJING and Others Visited WestVac Biopharma
On March 19, 2022, Mr. Yusuf Timol, Minister Counsellor (Economy) of the South African Embassy BEIJING visited WestVac BioPharma Co., Ltd (WestVac Biopharma), and had a discussion and exchange with the management team of WestVac Biopharma.

In the course of the symposium, Academician WEI Yuquan, Chairman of WestVac Biopharma, introduced the company's innovative vaccine R&D progress, production and quality system construction, talent development, etc., and pointed out that WestVac Biopharma was focusing on promoting the the R&D and marketing of second-generation recombinant protein COVID-19 vaccine CoviccineTM - recombinant COVID-19 vaccine (sf9 cells) and the recombinant variant COVID-19 vaccine (sf9 cells). WestVac Biopharma expects to receive guidance and support from the Embassy of South Africa and relevant authorities, so as to accelerate the internationalization of WestVac Biopharma, and to provide high-quality vaccine products for COVID-19 pandemic prevention and control in South Africa and even Africa.

Yusuf Timol, Minister Counsellor (Economy) of the South African Embassy BEIJING, introduced status of the R&D and vaccination of the COVID-19 vaccine in South Africa. The current vaccination rate of the COVID-19 vaccine in South Africa is not high, and a safe and efficient COVID-19 vaccine is urgently needed. Mr. Yusuf expressed strong interest in the innovative technology and future application of insect cell protein expression platform once fully understanding the five technology platforms of WestVac Biopharma, and proposed that South Africa is willing to discuss the production cooperation of COVID-19 vaccine together with Chinese enterprises to support South Africa and African countries in their fight against the pandemic. Mr. Yusuf praised WestVac Biopharma's innovation and R&D capabilities, and in addition to the COVID-19 vaccine, South Africa also hopes to promote the R&D and production capabilities of various vaccines with different technical routes in the country. During the warm exchange, the two parties expressed their great expectation for further in-depth discussions and cooperation. 

After the symposium, Yusuf Timol and his party, accompanied by the executives of WestVac Biopharma, visited the Chengdu production base, and they were deeply impressed by the highly automated and well-regulated manufacturing shop of WestVac Biopharma.