To Boost the High-quality Development of Chengdu, WestVac Biopharma Accelerates the Pace of Scientific&Technological Innovation

In recent years, Chengdu has focused on the construction of the biopharmaceutical track, accelerated and drove the landing and development of a number of high level projects, and promoted the listing of numerous biopharmaceutical companies on the capital market, which has achieved excellent performance and significant development, and boosted high-quality development of Chengdu by allowing more financial resources to be channeled into the real economy.

On December 22, 2021, good news came from Chengdu Tianfu International Bio-town. With funding from the National Emergency Response Project for the mutant SARS-CoV-2 vaccine, the second generation COVID-19 vaccine of WestVac BioPharma Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "WestVac Biopharma") has made an important progress against the Omicron variant strain. On December 23, WEI Yuquan, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chairman of WestVac Biopharma, said in an interview with Chengdu TV that the second generation COVID-19 vaccine of WestVac Biopharma belongs to the latest fifth generation vaccine technology and has high-titer neutralizing antibodies to Omicron. "It has a very strong ability to stimulate immunity. Based on our tests, the neutralizing antibodies induced by the vaccine in immunized animals such as mice, rats and monkeys are very high, up to a level of ten thousands. Therefore, the vaccine has a good neutralizing effect on Omicron mutant strains, Delta mutant strains and other SARS-CoV-2 variant strains." said Academician WEI Yuquan.

Furthermore, under the combined actions of government guidance, platform support, and bio-town cohesion, the bio-pharmaceutical industry in Chengdu keeps growing. The scale of the bio-pharmaceutical industry has maintained a growth rate of more than 20% for 4 consecutive years, and has attracted a large number of talents. SHEN Jiyou, Deputy general manager of manufacture and LI Weidong, Deputy general manager of operations from WestVac BioPharma, entered the Tianfu International Bio-town in Chengdu Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone through the introduction of talents, they deeply felt the support from Chengdu government for the biopharmaceutical industry and its concern for talents. They believe that Chengdu provides a broader space and platform for its entrepreneurial environment, giving everyone the opportunity to display their talents.