Li Gang,  vice governor of Sichuan Province Government, attended and witnessed the westvac/west china hospital's COVID-19 vaccine R&D entered phase II of clinical trial & westvac company's a-round financing signing ceremony
Shanghai Pharmaceutical, the investor stated that in the field of vaccine research and development, insect cell technology platforms have been widely accepted. At the same time, insect cell biotechnology has the advantages of safety and cost-effectiveness. Because the vaccinated population is basically children, healthy people, etc. In all, safety is a vital part, and cost-effectiveness is also critical for accelerating the vaccines commercialization.


Viewpoint of Wang Shuai, founder of Shangdao VC: Having an effective COVID-19 vaccine which can be put into mass production that is the current common demand of the whole world. China's vaccines are also making significant strides into the international market. In addition to being the first to be used in some domestic populations, they are also undergoing clinical verification in many other countries and regions around the world. Hoping that vaccines and related innovative immune preparations and other products will be developed and industrialized as soon as possible, and of benefit to the humanity.

Original Author: Wu Wenxi